スキー、カナダ、アウトドア、旅行… 遊びをもっと楽しくするアイデア・カンパニー   株式会社キャスト


Business Name CAST Inc.
Established 10th May, 2001
At the time of established, limited liability company
Capital 10,000,000JPY
Office 5F Sin-arai Bldg.
1-44-4 Sekiguchi Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Japan 112-0014
TEL 03-3266-5033
FAX 03-3266-5054
President Hiroshi Owada
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd., Kagurazaka Branch
Philosophy of
Have a power to make a new movement all of the time.
Be a mediator who connects businesses, groups and individuals to make new waves.
Publication of magazines, DVD and books.
PR activities through publications, web sites and events.
Internet Retailing of ski products.
Futabasha Inc., Prince hotels Inc., Mt.Naeba, Canadian Tourism Commission, Ontario Tourism, Tourism British Columbia, Tourism Whistler, GOLDWIN Inc., SELCO HOME Inc., Meiji Corporation, TOPPAN PRINTING CO.,LTD., Alpen CO.,LTD., Air Canada, SUNTORY Inc., Patagonia Inc., Powwave CO.,LTD., etc.(in no particular order)
Details of
Publishing ski magazines, Ski DVDs, PR magazines, Books
BRAVOSKI (3publications/year published by Futabasha)
Fall Line (annually published by Futabasha)
Freeskiing (annually published by Futabasha)
Selco (6publications/year SELCO HOME PR issue)
Creating website (Ski portal site)
Ontario Style (PR project with Ontario Tourism) (PR project with YUKON)
Advertising service
Planning and creating advertisements such as PR issues, catalogs, and in a magazine.
Planning and proposing and operating advertising and promoting.
Branding of products.
Restaurant & PR
Whistler Cafe
This is our unique PR project to promote Canada and Whistler, BC among Japanese tourists.
We build a Canadian style cafe at the bottom of ski area in Naeba resort in Japan. And serve Canadian food such as Chicken wing and Poutine. There are also information space that customer can pick up various brochures and maps about Canada travel, can see film of Whistler ski on big projector, etc. It works as a restaurant, but also as an information station of Canada and Whistler.